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March 3rd, 2017 at 12:01 am

WSFA Journal March-April 2017

First Friday meeting in March, 3/3/17, began with President Bob presiding. WSFAns quieted down. “It’s 9:15,” said Bob. “George, tell us what you remember from the last meeting.” George said there was no quorum, nothing significant sticks to his mind. No attendance. Sam S. for treasurer said $XX,XXX.XX. We have 35 paid up members.

The trustees said we will have election in a couple of months. We are looking for new warm bodies to take over from old warm bodies. Bob reminded trustees need a slate by start of April.

Capclave Present: Cathy said Elizabeth has the plague. Cathy said, Elizabeth and Sherin Nicole are working on bookmarks. Tweaking it. We will have them by Ravencon/Lunacon. We sent out invites. Sam S said we have 80 paid members, about what we have normally. For Capclave Future, Cathy had nothing to report. There was a discussion of trying to talk to hotels.

Click the link for the full text of the March/April 2017 WSFA Journal, including the Minutes of the March 3rd, 17th 2017 / April 7th, 21st 2017 meetings.

WSFA Journal March-April 2017

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