Washington Science Fiction Association



The Washington Science Fiction Association is the oldest science fiction club in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Its members are interested in all types of science fiction and fantasy literature as well as related areas such as fantasy and science fiction films, television, costuming, gaming, filking, convention-running, etc.

WSFA meets the first and third Fridays of every month at approximately 9:00 pm. Non-members are encouraged to attend. Club meetings include a brief business meeting, after which the group gathers informally over light refreshments to talk about just about anything including (on occasion) science fiction literature and media. Meetings are held in members’ homes in Virginia and Maryland. For more information and directions, e-mail WSFA, or write to us at:
WSFA c/o Sam Lubell
11801 Rockville Pike #1508
Rockville, MD 20852

WSFA hosts Capclave (the Capital Conclave), its annual science fiction convention. Capclave attracts sf fans, authors, editors, publishers, and artists from around the region. Activities include panels on topics related to SF, a Dealers’ Room selling new and used books and other curious oddities, filking, gaming, and parties.

From 1950 through 1997 WSFA hosted Disclave (the District of Columbia Conclave). Since 2001, Disclave has been replaced with Capclave.

WSFA sometimes sponsors other events such as “Fifth Friday Parties,” film screenings, and barbecues. For more information, check our calendar of upcoming events.

How to Join WSFA:
If you are interested in becoming a member of WSFA, you need to attend three (3) of our business meetings (for locations, and times, please see our Event Calendar). They do not need to be consecutive, or within a specific time frame. At your third meeting you will be offered an application form. You may also print out the form, fill out your information, and bring it with you. Once you do that, get the requisite signatures, and pay your dues, you are a member! Dues are currently $20.00 (in U.S. Dollars Only) and you may pay by check, cash, or credit card.