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January 6th, 2017 at 12:01 am

WSFA Journal January-February 2017

An abbreviated WSFA First Friday (1/6/17) meeting took place after Lawrence Schoen’s reading. Bob Macintosh chaired. The meeting was called to order at 10:23. No business was done at the last meeting. Bob asked the committees to pass unless something important to say.

Sam S. said we have money. “Pay your dues, see me after the meeting.” Dues are $20. We have $X in bank with a Year over Year of $X. For trustees, Mike Walsh said there was a vacancy in the small press award committee. Kim Hargan threw himself in front of bus, err volunteered. There will be an election first Friday in February. Nominations from floor will be accepted.

For Capclave 2017, Elizabeth asked people to register. Sign up now while less expensive.

There is a new WSFA email list in google groups. It will be low traffic, intended for announcements, transactional things. To subscribe, give permission to Elizabeth or see your email.

For Capclave Future, Cathy said she had a productive meeting with Collette about hotels and discussed possible arrangements. Bill has nothing to report for 2020 or WFC.

Click the link for the full text of the January/February 2017 WSFA Journal, including the Minutes of the January 6th, 20th 2017 / February 3rd, 17th 2017 meetings.

WSFA Journal January-February 2017

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