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November 4th, 2016 at 12:01 am

WSFA Journal November-December 2016

The WSFA First Friday in November, 11/4/16 started at 9:15 with President Bob presiding. Sam L read minutes. Treasurer Sam gave the report. $$ since we paid the hotel bill. The year over year is $??,???.??. Trustees had nothing.

For Capclave past, the chair was not here. There was discussion of registration. There is a core group who loyally come every year of around 200. The number of new people seems to be the same. We went ## in the occassionals. We’re doing fine getting word out, we have a solid core group and it’s building. 16 people since the GRMM year have come each year. We need to increase that or figure out why occassionals weren’t here.

There was a nice thank you letter from Filthy Pierre. We don’t know if broke even yet since don’t have all receipts. Probably close to break even. In terms of getting people, go to regional conventions and promote it. We weren’t getting as many as expected. Prereg at 2016 was up from last year. Books balanced. Thank you to people running reg.

Click the link for the full text of the November/December 2016 WSFA Journal, including the Minutes of the November 4th, 18th 2016 / December 2nd, 16th 2016 meetings.

WSFA Journal November-December 2016

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