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May 13th, 2013 at 12:54 pm

2013 WSFA Election Results

As reported by Brian Lewis:

Since it hasn’t been elsewhere yet, below are the people who will be holding elective office in WSFA, as of the First Friday in June and when their term of office expires.

CapClave Chairs’ terms expire when the books of their con are closed (usually, but not always, before the calendar year of their con does.

Small Press Awards Committee Members are elected for two years, and select a chairman from among themselves. Membership in this committee, though done by clubwide election, does not convey Club Officership.

Club Officers
President Barry Newton – 06/06/2014
Vice President Steve Smith – 06/06/2014
Secretary Cathy Green – 06/06/2014
Treasurer Sam Scheiner – 06/06/2014
Trustee Charity Helton – 06/06/2014
Trustee Brian Lewis – 06/06/2014
Trustee Bob Macintosh – 06/06/2014
CapClave Chair 2013 Michael Walsh – ±12/31/2013
CapClave Chair 2014 Bill Lawhorn – ±12/31/2014
CapClave Chair 2015 Sam Lubell – ±12/31/2015

Small Press Awards Committee
Member Charity Helton – 06/05/2015
Member Gayle Surrette – 06/05/2015
Member Paul Haggerty – 06/05/2015
Member Jimmy Rogers – 06/03/2014
Member Sarah Mitchell – 06/03/2014

NOTE: Date following the name is when the term of office expires.


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